Step 1: Use a tape measure and measure from corner to corner. Find the exact dimensions of the length, width, and depth

Step 2: When ordering the filter it does not matter which side is the length and width except the grease filter. The vertical dimension of the grease filter must be listed first when ordering.

Step 3: Look for a nominal size. If you filter measures 15 ½ x 19 ½ x 7/8 you will need to order the 16 x 20 x 1 nominal filter. If your exact measurements do not match a nominal size please send us the sizes to quote.

Step 4: If ordering a pleated filter or Infinite Gold 8, please look at the frame and find the airflow arrow. This arrow will point which direction the airflow must go.

  • Note – All filters come with a 1/8” tolerance for any dimension.
  • Custom filters are non returnable
  • Custom metal filters lead time is about 2-3 weeks
  • Custom disposable filters lead time is about 3 weeks
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