HEPA Air Purifier


Made in the USA. Over 80 years of filter manufacturing experience. Filters that consist of a True HEPA filter, Carbon Filter, and washable Pre-Filter. These filters are made from American-made manufactures, unlike the competition that has filters made overseas. This is quality people have trusted for over 80 years.

MERV 9 removable pre-filter is designed to be washed monthly or quarterly depending on how dirty your room. Let it dry and install it back into the air purifier. By washing the pre-filter it will extend the life of the HEPA filter. This leads to longer change-outs compared to the competition.

Indoor Air Quality Indicator is installed on every unit. It will show your PM 2.5 reading in a particle room. PM 2.5 refers to a category of a particular pollutant that is 2.5 microns or smaller. This indicator will shine green which refers to good air quality, blue for moderate air quality, and red for poor air quality.

Sleek and Modern design that will look good in any room

Removes particles from rooms up to 315 square feet. Equipped with a polarized plug that will fit into the 120V power outlet. CE, ROHS, FCC, and PSE certified.


Improve and control your indoor air quality with Golden Filter’s Air Purifier. This purifier stands out from the competition because the filters are American-made. This is quality you can trust from a manufacturer right in Illinois for over 80 years. What good is an air purifier without the right filters? These filters were developed with that thought in mind. With years of filtration experience, these filters were uniquely designed with a washable Pre-Filter that can be removed to be washed down. Next in line is the carbon filter that will remove odors from cooking or your pets. Last but not least is the HEPA filter that will remove particles you did not know even existed in your room.

This air purifier also has a sleek and modern look that will go in any room. The indoor air quality light shinning green will give you the confidence you have a clean room and breathing clean Golden Air

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