Infinite Gold 8

Increase the Quality of Your Air

You might have a house full of furry friends, run a business in a polluted commercial zone, or suffer from seasonal allergies. Maybe you’re just tired of paying a ton of money to keep your furnace running. At Golden Filtration, we believe everyone deserves the chance at healthier, happier surroundings. The Infinite Gold 8 proves that superior air quality can become a reality.

Who uses Washable Filtration?


Everyone from homeowners and renters to business managers who want to keep their budgets under control.

Standard disposables need replacement every 90 days or less, and these costs add up. With washables, you can keep reusing the same filters without suffering dire health consequences or having cut back on eating out.

Save more Time

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Filter replacements also demand work. Sure, it’s not the world’s hardest job, but it’s still a hassle, especially if your HVAC unit is tucked away in some awkward spot. Upgrading to washable filters means less crawling around, wondering how your life came to this.

Save the Planet


Ordinary filters produce unavoidable waste. No matter how green you pride yourself on being, you’re contributing to landfill mass.

Your desire for clean oxygen shouldn’t mean you have to feel bad about harming the ecosystem. The only byproducts that come from reusable filters are what they strip from your air, and that runs harmlessly down the drain.


Breathe in the Future of Washable Filtration


Disposable Filters



Reusable Golden Filter

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Air filters that come clean with nothing more than running water aren’t a new idea, but the technology behind them keeps innovating. The Golden Filters team has combined this tried-and-tested concept with features designed to make life even simpler and enhance air quality.

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Eco-friendly filters like our popular Infinite Gold 8 model trap dust, dust mites, dander, mold, pollen, lint, and more without restricting airflow — keeping your HVAC operating costs low. The unique polyester and aluminum construction is also durable enough for a lifetime of washes.

What Customers Are Saying:

The Infinite Gold 8 outperforms the competition for as long as your health depends on it. They’re rated to exceed MERV 8 standards, and unlike other (UN-TESTED) products, the IG8 doesn’t lose efficiency over time. Thanks to our high-performance antimicrobial and antifungal design, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to filter out — you’ll be able to breathe easier. But, don’t take our word for it…

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Group Filters

Indoor air pollutants have been recognized as a top five environmental risk to public health. We’re committed to providing the industry’s best air filtration products for our customers.