We have a lot of satisfied customers with our Infinite Gold 8 air filter. And a question we get frequently is “What makes the Infinite 8 Gold so good?

There are a number of reasons. The Infinite Gold 8 works so well because it’s designed to do everything a good filter should:

1. Filter the air
2. Make your HVAC system perform at its peak level
3. Reduce your costs
4. Make maintenance simple.

Here’s how.

We know the MERV rating is only part of the solution. Air filtration is important, but 81% of the cost of a filter is the energy being used by the HVAC system. So if the filter impedes air flow more than needed, costs go up.

The Infinite Gold 8 has a MERV rating of 8, but it captures particles and contaminants while still allowing air to move through the system. Filter resistance is measured with a WG (water gauge) measurement—the lower, the better. The Infinite Gold 8 filter has a WG measurement of .14 at 1180 cubic feet per minute of air flow, according to an independent laboratory. The average MERV 8 pleated filter has a .22” W.G. at 1180 cfm (nearly 60% more resistance) and a MERV 13 pleated filter has an average of .35” WG at 2000 cfm (140% more resistance). That means a lot more energy use.

Also, when you consider that you can wash and use the Infinite 8 Gold 12 times without losing efficiency, versus replacing a one-use filter every 30 to 90 days, the saving keep adding up.

So MERV is only part of the equation. To learn more about how to choose the best filter for your application, see our “College of Filter Knowledge” for more details.

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