Because of the concerns over COVID transmission, the Centers for Disease Control has made recommendations about air filtration and air circulation in buildings. This includes suggestions to increase air circulation when possible, plus to enhance air filtration.

The CDC cites ASHRAE research that says filters with a MERV rating of 13 are effective at trapping viruses. While this is true, a filter with a higher MERV rating than recommended for an HVAC system can reduce the system’s ability to circulate air, meaning that in areas where people are gathered virus particles exchanged between individuals may linger in the air before the air flow can pull them out of the room and into the filter.

And increased resistance and system pressure drop can dramatically increase energy use, plus force the system fan to work harder, so it may fail prematurely.

Air exchange can be more important than filtration, so much so that the CDC recommendations including opening windows and doors to improve air circulation. This can place even more burden on the HVAC system to effectively heat and cool.

Before the CDC guidance, the average efficiency of an air filter in a home or light commercial system was MERV 6. Our Infinite Gold 8 filter provides better filtration (even trapping may particles that virus may attach to) without causing pressure drop that makes the system work harder.

Recent articles in The Washington Post and other news sources suggest another, ultimately more effective approach: matching a good HVAC system filter with a HEPA room air purification system. HEPA filters, used in hospitals, are designed to be more efficient at trapping bacteria and viruses—capturing, on average, 70 to 90% of the air contaminants in the room. Combined with good air flow, air purification can provide extra protection against the COVID virus.

Golden Filters offers a package with our Infinite Gold 8 filter and a room air purifier for this purpose. And you can get a discount when you purchase them together. Learn more here.

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